Some news were released that Teen Titans will be coming back as a full show for DC Nation next summer 2013. By then Young Justice Invasion Should be done so what will be the schedule for Dc nation next year? Will Young Justice come to an end while Green Lantern the animated series continues for Dc Nation with Teen Titans? Green Lantern has recently finished one season and Young Justice is going through the second. What if GLTAS starts its second season when YJ is back from the hiatus( btw I heard that the reason for the hiatus is becaus kids usually go on vacations in the summer so they will pick the show up on August 11(which is not sure) ). I really want YJ to keep airing and I would really like a season 3 an I hope they continue it with or without DC nation. And btw I love Teen titans. Your Thoughts?

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    i really hope there...for young justice!
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    I am really hoping that Cartoon Network has some compassion for us DC fans and continue this series for as long as Greg...
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  5. xikar answered: Why can’t they simply expand the length of DC nation?
  6. littleloric answered: YJ is better than TT…. we should start a petition. Does anyone even watch Green Lantern?
  7. miranai answered: Greg has trouble getting 3rd seasons, but YJ seems like it would continue? I see CN as maybe extending the block to 2 hours, as 1 is p short
  8. professorsparklepants answered: The two aren’t mutually exclusive. TT and YJ have two very different tones and are both very popular. I’m sure YJ will be continued.
  9. freestylerunaway answered: I think Young Justice is a successful show and if they need proof just look at tumblr. I think they should keep it around.
  10. wishingmyhairred answered: I don’t really want another Teen titans show- There’s not alot of Dick and Babs love involved with it. YJ makes a lot of money=no cancel.
  11. obscenity-born answered: I hope not… I’ll cry if that happens D:
  12. hybryda answered: Greg somewhere said that they are ready to make many more and there is no sign that it will end soon, and good ratings only help I think
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  14. opaul answered: I just want my Young Justice to continue
  15. tragicballerina answered: I think it’s still early days to be saying what’s gonna be cancelled, but i think YJ is rating better then GL, so that’ll go if anything
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